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Bowl Feeder System
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1, the impact of fluctuations in the power supply is small, the electromagnetic exciter will be due to voltage changes caused by large changes in the exciting force, but the vibration plate, this change is very small.

2, multi-machine combination, can achieve self-synchronization to complete different process requirements.

3, according to the installation of vibration plate to change the direction of excitation force.


Bowl feeder adjustment steps and main points:

(1) If the loose screw is loosened, the vibration speed will be faster, then it means the shrapnel is too thick, and then reduce the number of shrapnel or the thickness of the shrapnel to 4, then debug again;

(2) If the loosening screw is loosened and the vibration speed is slow, it means the shrapnel is too thin, and after increasing the number or thickness of the shrapnel, go to step 4 and debug again;

(3) If the adjustment of step 4, the vibration speed does not change much, it means that the shrapnel adjustment has been completed;

(4) electromagnet, to be aligned, the gap 0.5-1.0 mm, the gap to be parallel.


Bowl feeder tips:

How to determine the bowl feeder simple and common fault

Vibratory bowl feeder may not work for the possible reasons:

1, the lack of power supply ---- This reason is very simple, can not reach the standard voltage certainly can not work properly.

2, bowl feeder and the connection between the controller broken ---- lead disconnected lead to not work and can not work properly.

3, the controller fuse blown ---- Fuse blown lead to circuit breaking and can not work!

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